Perris City Councilman


email: RaulMarkYarbrough@yarbrough4perris.com


          Worked with my elected colleague's and city staff to...

1.    Improve public safety, attract thousands of new jobs, major businesses, and affordable homes for first time buyers.

2.     New parks, more programs for kids and seniors.

3.     Worked to build financial reserves to carry us through challenging times.  Helped bring solar power to all public buildings, saving tax payers millions.

4.     Worked to develop award winning projects such as solar conversion, the sewer system in Enchanted Heights, and the Live Well Perris program.

​5.     Supported the Veterans programs including recent Military banner program. 



Raul Mark Yarbrough

Graduated Perris High - Awarded Alumni of the year 2014

Graduate of Arizona Automotive Institute, earned associate degree

Married, 4 children, 5 grandchildren Local business owner (2)

Elected to City Council in 1996 - never missed a regular council meeting.


Representing the City on numerous boards including:

March Joint Powers Authority, RCHCA, RCA, RTA