Perris City Councilman

Fiscal Responsibility 

"I was first elected to the Perris City Council in 1996. At that time, the future of the city was uncertain. Businesses were fleeing, jobs were scarce and the city was just days away from going bankrupt. But under new leadership, we were able to turn Perris around.

We made tough decisions that lead to partnerships with businesses, new jobs, and created a $20 million reserve to protect the city during difficult times. As a result of these efforts, Perris received numerous awards praising the city for its accomplishments in planning and design, intergovernmental cooperation, and charitable endeavors.  Most notably, from 2004 to 2012 the Government Finance Officers Association recognized Perris for achieving what they called the “highest standards in government accounting.” Now these accomplishments are being threatened by a small special interest group more interested in advancing their political agenda than in the welfare of our city.

We need leaders with a vision for moving Perris in the right direction, which starts with fiscal responsibility. I believe that for Perris to continue its growth, we must take control of our city’s finances by balancing our budget, and by attracting new businesses which create new jobs and opportunities for our community. "                                        

                                                     Mark Yarbrough